Record snowfall, Dec 2007-Feb 2008
in St-Lazare, QC

2007 Dec 16-17

Record snowfall on top of what was already a large amount of snow. This is looking down our front path towards the driveway, somewhere out there...
Heavy snowfall 2007 Dec 16-17

Someone said shovelling is a great workout, and it's free! They're probably right; I certainly didn't need that jacket after a while.
2008 Mar 2

Here's what it looked like after another snowfall on top of the previous one, looking in the same direction after a bit of snow-shovelling.
Cleared path 2008 Mar 2

That brown line is the top rail of our patio fence, and the black object in the distance on the left is the top of our pond pump housing. The snow's about 36-40" deep, and the bird feeders are only a few inches up from the snow. Squirrels love it.
Snow at back
2008 Mar 2

Time to dig Banshee out one more time. At least I can see her; sometimes there's only a Miata-sized snowbank out there. The radio antenna's up because the motor's been disconnected for the winter due to strain on the gears.
Banshee back Same time, same place, view from the front. The yellow cord's connected to the block heater but the sun's so strong it's not powered.Banshee front
These are thick icicles anchoring Banshee to her parking spot. They're caused by runoff freezing, especially when the block heater's operating.Icicles Usually I forget to break them off before sitting down, so there's an initial CRUNCH as they break off when the body shifts.Icicles
More of the same. I managed to use my snowbrush and some wet snow to semi-wash the dirt off.Icicles The wet snow works quite well, but when it dries it tends to look like mud/dirt in streaks.Icicles
Obviously using water is a no-no. It would pool on the driveway, and freeze, making it difficult to climb on my return.Icicles 2008 Mar 2

Free at last! Ready to take off this evening. Where's spring, eh?

Created by Nora, 2-3 March 2008