2007 Route
From: COMMODORE To: near Lower Village
Driving Distance: 113.4 miles Time: 2 hours, 43 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:00 AM0.0 1   Depart COMMODORE on Local road(s) (South) for 54 yds
9:00 AM0.1Turn RIGHT (West) onto Sylvan Park Rd, then immediately turn LEFT (South-West) onto SR-100 [Waterbury Rd] for 9.2 mi
9:12 AM9.2Turn LEFT (South) onto US-2 [N Main St] for 1.3 mi
9:13 AM10.5Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-100 for 12.5 mi
9:29 AM23.0Turn RIGHT (West) onto SR-17 for 13.9 mi
9:53 AM36.9Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-17 [Drake Woods Rd] for 1.9 mi
9:56 AM38.8Take Ramp (LEFT) onto SR-116 [RTE-116] for 2.8 mi
10:01 AM41.6Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-116 [East St] for 0.3 mi
10:01 AM41.9Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-116 [Main St] for 0.5 mi
10:02 AM42.4Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-116 [West St] for 0.2 mi
10:02 AM42.6Bear LEFT (South-West) onto SR-116 [RTE-116] for 0.4 mi
10:03 AM43.0Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-116 [SR-17] for 0.2 mi
10:04 AM43.2Bear RIGHT (West) onto SR-17 [Stony Hill Rd] for 164 yds
10:04 AM43.3 2   At near Bristol, return East on SR-17 [Stony Hill Rd] for 164 yds
10:05 AM43.4Turn RIGHT (South) onto SR-116 [S 116 Rd] for 5.1 mi
10:14 AM48.5Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-116 for 0.4 mi
10:14 AM48.9Bear LEFT (South) onto SR-116 [Case St] for 6.0 mi
10:24 AM54.9 3   At near East Middlebury, turn LEFT (East) onto SR-125 for 1.0 mi
10:26 AM55.9Turn RIGHT to stay on SR-125 for 14.5 mi
10:51 AM70.5 4   At Texas Falls stop, turn LEFT (North) onto SR-100 for 25.4 mi
11:21 AM95.9Turn LEFT to stay on SR-100 for 7.0 mi
11:30 AM102.9Turn LEFT (North) onto US-2 [SR-100] for 1.3 mi
11:31 AM104.2Turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-100 [Waterbury Stowe Rd] for 9.2 mi
11:43 AM113.4Turn RIGHT (South-East) onto Sylvan Park Rd for 65 yds
11:43 AM113.4 5   Arrive near Lower Village